Meta-Repositories (Repository Aggregators)

Repository aggregators are systems which catalog, index, and categorize other data repositories. They can host data themselves; however, they usually redirect their users to the data hosted at other repositories.


OpenDOAR is an open directory which allow users to find repositories by specifying their Subject Area, Content type, etc. It does not link directly to datasets stored in the indexed repositories, but to those repositories homepages. Users may perform detailed searches to obtain datasets once they access the repository.

These repositories can include the following types of artifacts:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Conferences
  • Datasets
  • Learning Objects
  • Multimedia
  • Patents
  • References
  • Software
  • Special
  • Theses
  • Unpublished

Open Access Directory

The Open Access Directory hosted at Simmons College includes a list of repositories which is categorized by fields of study (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Social Sciences).

Digging into Data hosts a list of Archaeological data repositories.

This list provides a brief description of each repository, links to access them, contacts and terms of service / licensing constraints.

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