Data Curation Projects

Why isn't there an “Out Of the Box” solution for the issue of Data Curation?

The answer involves many factors, including institutional political will, researchers' concerns about the usage of their data by others and finally, the lack of resources to support the development of a software platform and corresponding usage practices. However, one issue stands out: Diversity.

There are many different research domains in the world of scientific research, which means that any system designed to support a data curation policy at a given institution will attempt to represent many specifics of that given domain. The representation of all these particularities adds additional challenges to the creation of open, interconnected repository networks. The main cause for these issues is that every repository has its own data models and, as a consequence, their own metadata exchange formats. This leads to the creation of many different exchange formats. Some of these formats even provide conversion guidelines which help users to map their format against existing ones, in an attempt to facilitate migration. However, most repositories are not willing to support these mappings, due to the added effort required to maintain them in their systems.

Given this set of circumstances, the current repository landscape is a very heterogeneous domain, with different repository platforms, often customized to the individual needs of specific institutions, which makes it difficult to perform cross-platform data curation efforts. Consequently, cross-platform and cross-domain secondary researchsec_research) are also severely hindered.

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