Examples of Data Repositories

We have divided the repositories in two large categories: Repositories and Meta-Repositories. A Portuguese example of a Meta-Repository for Scientific Publications is RCAAP. On an international level, we have OAD, which holds a list of repositories and databases for scientific Open Data. From Astronomy to Biology, Chemistry and Social Sciences, there are a lot of examples here.

In a slightly more technical detail, and from an analysis of these repositories, we concluded that the most common platform is DSpace.

ANDS (Australian National Data Service)

The ANDS is a collaborative effort which aims to assist in the connection of several Australian and international data centers, repositories and online collections to enable easy discovery of data, inter-discipinary research and cross-repository workflows.

Its objectives are:

  1. Creating a national data management environment holding Australia's research data in a cohesive network of research repositories.
  2. Improving Australian researchers' knowledge in data management, teaching them how to create, manage, and share research data under well formed and maintained data management policies.
  3. Increase the percentage of research data which is routinely deposited into stable, accessible and sustainable data management and preservation environments.
  4. Spread data management expertise among researchers and research institutions
  5. Help researchers find relevant data in the network
  6. Provide researchers with the means to discover, exchange, reuse and combine data obtained by their peers (make secondary research easier).
  7. Improve Australia's capability to share data and seamlessly support international and nationally distributed multidisciplinary research teams.tow_data_comm)

DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services)

The DANS, or Data Archiving and Networking Services is an Dutch institute dedicated to the storage and sharing of arts, humanities and social sciences. It is pushing for Open Data access to scientific data; to achieve this goal, it stimulates others to adopt the same philosophy, working closely with both researchers and data managers.

It manages a dataset depositing platform, EASY, provides links to large data managers and is involved in several retro-archiving projects, which are carried out on assignment. Their ultimate goal is to make older data (which is difficult to access) publicly available. Finally, by taking advantage of international contacts, DANS ensures that Dutch researchers can gain access to databases from outside The Netherlands what_is_dans).

DANS developed the Data Seal Of Approval, a set of guidelines designed to measure the quality of the whole data deposit and curation processguidelines).

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