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 ===== Conclusions ===== ===== Conclusions =====
-From this experiment we were able to determine that there are real needs for data curation practices at U.Porto. Researchers are open to using a repository platform, but only if it offers a real advantage over simply storing their data in their own storage mediaBetter ways to access and retrieve data are the best way to encourage proper care for data, since they increase the visibility of the researcher's work by allowing others to take advantage of the original research effort.+Th project has shown that data curation practices are needed at U.Porto and that researchers are willing to use a repository platform for their data. The project has proposed a data curation workflow and developed a DSpace extension that fits into the workflow and provides researchers with data browsing capabilities. Future work includes testing the platform with the researchers, and expects to engage them more systematically into managing their research data by increasing the visibility of their work and allowing others to build on their research effort.