Administration and Parametrization

The DataExplorer extension offers two configuration panels for the parametrization of the metadata that can be used to catalogue scientific datasets. During the curation process, the system validates the submitted Excel spreadsheets according to the parameters set in these two panels.

Table Metadata parametrization panel

The DataExplorer Table Metadata administration palen allows DSpace Administrators to specify the relevant metadata for the logical tables contained in a specific file. These tables are inserted into the system during the submission process via an Excel spreadsheet containing all logical tables of a given Bitstream or “file”.

Administration Panel - Table Metadata

The figure above shows the link to the table metadata panel, available in the DSpace administration area.

The table metadata administration screen in similar to the DSpace Metadata Registry. To register a new metadata field, the administrator must first select an existing schema from the list or create a new schema for the domain.

Selecting a schema from the list

Administration Panel - List of table metadata schemas

Add a new metadata schema

Administration Panel - Adding a new table metadata schema

Add a new metadata field


After selecting the schema to which the new field will belong, the user must enter the element name, for example “creator” in “dc.creator” and a qualifier, if required.

The user must also enter a “scope note”, which is a brief description of the metadata element within the schema's scope domain.

After submitting the new metadata element parametrization, the data curation page will accept new excel spreadsheets containing values for that metadata element in the metadata section of each table/sheet.

Table Header Parametrization

The table headers are the metadata qualifiers which can be used as headers for the tables contained in each of the sheets of a curation Excel workbook. The parametrization process is similar to the parametrization of a Table metadata element. The configuration panel is accessed via the sidebar on the Administration panel of DSpace.

Administration Panel - Headers Metadata

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